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Conscience of a Progressive
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A Dim View of Libertarianism

Rawls and the Duty to Posterity
    (Doctoral Dissertation)

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Most of these brief pieces were written specifically for the internet, appearing first either in The Online Gadfly or The Crisis Papers.  Some of this material has been adapted and included in Conscience of a Progressive.  Accordingly, the first listing under these topics will be the relevant chapters in the book.

All editorials written specifically for the internet (published first by The Online Gadfly or The Crisis Papers) will be identified by a header, "The Gadfly Bytes" along with the date of publication.

This is a selection from over 250 internet essays.  Excluded from this collection are essays concerning events and issues that were significant at the time of their posting, but are less so now.  Essays dealing with political issues are listed separately under "On Politics: Notes of a Reluctant Radical."

Philosophy and Religion

Farewell to Mormonism: No Regrets  (November, 2012)
"That's Just Your Opinion"  (June, 2008)
About this "Mormonism" Thing.  (December, 2007)
"Do You Believe in God?"  (April, 2007)
Through a Glass, Darkly  (November, 2005)
Why be Reasonable?  (March, 1998)

Ethics, Moral Issues, and the Law

In Conscience of a Progressive: 
         Good for Each, Bad for All.  (Chapter 5)
         The Moral Point of View.  (Chapter 6)
         How is Morality Possible?  (Chapter12)
         A Progressive Moral Philosophy (Chapter 14)
         When the Law Goes Flat  (Chapter 19)

America as a Free Fire Zone  (February 22, 2012)
Property Rights and Public Accommodations (July, 2010)
Morality as a Plus-Sum Game...  (April, 2010)
Evil as the Absence of Empathy  (July, 2008)
A Defense of Moral Relativism  (November, 2005)
Prices and Values  (August, 2005)
John Rawls -- A Tribute  (March, 2004)

Junk History as Legal Precedent  (January, 2002)
Junk Psychology  (June, 2002)
The Paradoxical Right to Life  (October, 1999)
Round Up the Usual Suspects  (May, 1999)
Reflections on the Gurney  (March, 1999)

The Environment

How to Talk to a Climate Change Denier  (November 6, 2013)
Nuclear Power -- Not Now, Not Ever  (March, 2011)
A Convenient Delusion
(December, 2009)
Climate Reality Bites the Libertarians  (April, 2008) 
The California Wildfires and Right-Wing Smoke  (November, 2007)
Global Engineering and Climate Change  (October, 2007)
Whose Trees Are These?  (January, 2005)
Garrett Hardin, A Tribute (October, 2003)
If It Burns, It Earns  (October, 2003)
Elegy for a Ponderosa Pine Tree  (August, 2003)
Northern Exposure (Summers 2000, 2002)
My Seven Years as a Corporate Token  (November, 2001)
Put Down that Monkey Wrench! (November, 1999)


In Conscience of a Progressive: 
         Privatization and Public Goods.  (Chapter 8)
         Remedial Economics for Regressives. (Chapter 9)
         Prices and Values.  (Chapter 10)

If It's Good for General Motors, Is it Good for the Rest of Us?  (May, 2010)
Theory vs. Reality: Why Market Absolutism Fails   (December, 2008)
The Outsourcing Tragedy  (August, 2008)
Reverse Henry Fordism  (June, 2008) 
Market Failure: The Back of the Invisible Hand  (June, 2007)
The Scorpion, The Frog, and The Corporation  (September, 2006)
Symbionts and Parasites  (September, 2004)
In Deep Voodoo  (October, 2002)
The Oil Trap (August, 2002)
Flunking Econ. 101  (June, 2002)
The Deserving Rich?  (February, 2002)
Sucker Economics  (November, 1999)
Devouring the Seed Grain  (August, 1999)
The New Alchemy  (July, 1999)
Two Lessons from Russia  (October, 1998)


Why Should I Pay for Someone Else's Education?
            (Chapter 22, Conscience of a Progressive)

Touch Football and Television  (April, 2007)
The Banalization of Genius  (April, 2000)

In Defense of Research Universities. (January, 1999)


The Eclipse of Science and Reason
             (Chapter 21, Conscience of a Progressive)

Nuclear Power -- Not Now, Not Ever  (March 29, 2011)
On the Morality of Science,  (May, 2007)
"Creationism" and the Devolution of the Intellect  (February, 2005)

Is Science Just Another Dogma?  (July, 2002)
Global Defense  (March, 2000)


Political Editorials 

("On Politics: Notes of a Reluctant Radical")



Dr. Ernest Partridge is a consultant, writer and lecturer in the field of Environmental Ethics and Public Policy. He has taught Philosophy at the University of California, and in Utah, Colorado and Wisconsin. He publishes the website, "The Online Gadfly" (www.igc.org/gadfly) and co-edits the progressive website, "The Crisis Papers" (www.crisispapers.org).  Dr. Partridge can be contacted at: gadfly@igc.org .