Environmental Ethics
and Public Policy
Ernest Partridge, Ph.D



A Dim View of Libertarianism

Ernest Partridge
The Online Gadfly

October 26, 2010


Table of Contents.


1.    What is Libertarianism?

2.    The Myth of Social Atomism

3.    Market Fundamentalism

4.    The Privatization Panacea

5.    Corporations: Invaluable Servants, Ruthless Masters.

6.    The Necessity of Government

7.    Concluding Questions.


These essays are drawn from numerous articles, both published and posted on the internet, that I have written during the past decade, as I have witnessed with much consternation, the spread of libertarian dogmas into American political and economic policies, and beyond the United States to many countries abroad. This series attempts to put some of those writings into a coherent order, and thus it is more than a quilt of stitched-together excerpts. All the material has been carefully reviewed and revised as necessary.  In addition, there is a considerable amount of new material.