Classical Guitarist


The music of the classical guitar is soft, subtle, intimate, delicate and unobtrusive.  The classical guitar provides a "visual" performance in that the total execution of the instrument is fully in view of the audience and is quite interesting to watch.  In Mr. Partridge's hands, the instrument is self-sufficient -- no accompaniment or embellishment by voice, other instruments is required or employed. 

Mr. Partridge studied in New York City with Harold Morris, and has attended master classes conducted by Alice Artzt and Christopher Parkening.  He has performed in recital and in restaurants, clubs and resorts in New York, Vermont, Colorado, Utah and California.  He has been featured in several public television programs.

Mr.  Partridge's repertory includes classical, Spanish, Latin and popular music, and is sufficiently extensive to be adaptable to variety of occasions.


Mr. Partridge is available for private lessons and public performances.


A Personal Note


By profession, I am a professor of philosophy, now retired.  In retirement I continue to engage in research and writing in my fields of specialization, environmental ethics, and moral and political philosophy.  This work, both past and present, can be found at my personal website, The Online Gadfly, to which this page is attached.

After more than thirty years of teaching and performing with the classical guitar, in the early nineties my professional responsibilities obliged me to set the guitar aside, where it remained neglected until my retirement.  In September, 2011, I resumed work with the guitar, and am now prepared to accept students and performance engagements.

A word about my guitar:  It was built for me by my neighbor and friend, the late Jos David Rubio, an internationally renowned luthier.  I selected the wood and design and was privileged to watch it being built.   It is inscribed to me by Mr. Rubio ("construida para un buen amigo y afficionado de la guitarra").

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Notes from a Christopher Parkening Master Class

Montana State University, Bozeman, MT
August 13-16, 1979


Blue Jay, CA  1987

Park City, Utah   1979

Salt Lake City, Utah  -- Late '70s