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"Всё, что являутся экологически небезопасным, должно быть объявлено безнравственным." 

(Everything that proves to be anti-ecological must be declared immoral).

Alexey Yablokov

The Gadfly's Russian Connection

My direct involvement with Russian scholars and environmentalists began, quite unexpectedly, in October, 1989. At the home of my late friend, Gregory Kavka, a gathering of southern California philosophers hosted a group of visiting scholars from the Institute of Philosophy of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. An informal conversation concerning environmental philosophy led to an impromptu invitation to present a paper the following December at an international conference in Moscow on "The Ethics of Non-Violence," sponsored the Soviet Academy of Sciences.

At that conference a young scholar from the Buryat Republic (Lake Baikal region), Zoya Morokhoeva, stepped out of the crowd, introduced herself, and began to discuss quite knowledgeably some of my publications concerning the responsibility to future generations. That conversation led to an invitation to participate in a summer 1990 conference at Lake Baikal. After a deliberation of approximately three pico-seconds, I accepted.

As of October, 1989, I had never ventured outside of the Western Hemisphere. Since then I have visited Russia seven times -- most recently in the summer of 1999, when I met with students at St. Petersburg, presented a paper at Saratov on the Volga River, and renewed my contacts with the Socio-Ecological Union at a transformed Moscow. I have twice seen Lake Baikal, the second time following an unforgettable journey on the Trans-Siberian Railroad. In 1995, with two Northland College students, we visited the ancient cities of Pskov and Novgorod, and carried on biological research at the Valaam archipelago in Lake Ladoga.

However, memorable the sight-seeing, we have been even more impressed by the people of Russia and the former Soviet Union: most notably, scholars who have kept the light of learning alive through seven decades of ideological myopia, and ordinary citizens who, despite the censure of non-official civic activity, spontaneously organized an effective citizen-based environmental movement. Many of these individuals remain, to this day, among my most cherished friends.



Table of Contents


By Ernest Partridge


The Rule of Law Comes to Russia?  (2002)

"Just Do It" -- A Call for Citizen Initiative (Wilson Center, Washington DC, 2001)

Environment and Human Rights in Russia: Notes From a Conference. 
    (Wilson Center, Washington, D.C.  2001)

A Conversation with Sviatoslav Zabelin.  (1999)

A Conversation with Oleg Yanitsky.  (1999)

Environmental Responsibility: The Price of Progress.  (July, 1999
    (Conference, International Society for Ecological Economics, Saratov, Russia, 
    Earlier version presented at St. Petersburg State University, 1997). )

Devouring the Seed Grain  (August, 1999)

Two Lessons from Russia  (1998)

The Libertarian Panacea -- A Critique,  (Revised and expanded as "With Liberty for Some")
     (Conference, International Society for Ecological Economics,
     Novgorod, Russia.  July, 1997)

What if America Loses its Voice?  (Valaam, Lake Ladoga, Russia.  1995)

"A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Armageddon"  (1994)
    Viewpoints 1994, The Wisconsin Institute

Russian Environmentalism: Conditions and Prospects. 
    (Nineteenth World Conference of Philosophy, Moscow, September, 1993).

Human Responsibility and the Global Environment
    (Conference, "Man at Baikal," Lake Baikal, Russia, September, 1990)

"If Peace Were At Hand: How Would We Know It?"  (1989)
    Issues in War and Peace, Ed. K. Klein and J. Kunkel, Longwood Press (Summer, 1989)

Toward a Truce With the Earth. 
    (Soviet Academy of Sciences, Moscow, November, 1989)


Russian Sources

From the Socio-Ecological Union (Moscow:): "The SEU TIMES."

About the Socio-Ecological Union, Sviatoslav Zabelin

An Alternative is Needed,  Sviatoslav Zabelin.

The Nikitin and Pasko cases -- Collected Articles from The SEU Times.

The St. Petersburg Society of Naturalists, Alexander Karpov. (1997).

Environmental Problems and Projections in Russia, by Alexei Yablokov (January, 2001).

Resolutions from the All-Russian Special Conference for the Protection of Human Rights 
(January 21, 2001).

Environment and Human Rights in the Russian Federation
         -- Summary Report of the Conference

Information Security Doctrine, A. Simonov, Glasnost Protection Foundation.

Ecology and Human Rights in Russia,  Alexey Yablokov.

A Letter to the Director of the Federal Security Bureau,  E. I. Cherny

On the Formation and Development of Civil Society in Russia, (Twenty Seven Signatories).

The essential source of news of the environment of Russia and the former republics of the Soviet Union is The Socio-Ecological Union and The SEU Times Follow these links.

For additional timely information on the Russian environment, subscribe to Russian Environmental Digest -- the world's major English-language press on environmental issues in Russia.  To subscribe, send to majordomo@teia.org with "subscribe redfiles" in message body.  The Russian Environmental Digest is distributed free-of-charge and is for personal use only. 

Additional information about the Russian Environment may be found at www.ecoline.ru -- in both English and Russian languages.  (English-only readers are urged to be patient.  Many English-language sites and pages are still "under construction").

For additional websites regarding Russian environmental issues, select this link.



Dr. Ernest Partridge is a consultant, writer and lecturer in the field of Environmental Ethics and Public Policy. He has taught Philosophy at the University of California, and in Utah, Colorado and Wisconsin. He publishes the website, "The Online Gadfly" (www.igc.org/gadfly) and co-edits the progressive website, "The Crisis Papers" (www.crisispapers.org).  Dr. Partridge can be contacted at: gadfly@igc.org .