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I offer below, random musings, reflections, correspondence, scraps of work-in-progress, and other such miscellany, perchance worth sharing but not ready for the prime time of formal publication.  

Much of this material has been adapted from personal e-mail correspondence. While I am perfectly free to use, revise and expand on my side of these exchanges, use of the "incoming" correspondence is problematic. I have neither the right nor the inclination to include the words of my correspondents if they can be identified either by name or description.

If I am confident that the correspondents can not be identified and if their part of the exchange is essential to the exchange, then I might quote them directly. Otherwise, their ideas will be briefly paraphrased, only to supply context to my part of these conversations. In no case will I identify the correspondents by name.

On the other hand, signed letters to The Crisis Papers and The Online Gadfly are fair game as are other comments published in the internet. They were submitted with the clear understanding that they, and their signatories, might be made public.

Incoming correspondence will be identified by italics. My contributions will be in plain text.


March 20

Response to Patrick Smith's:  It is urgent that she’s stopped: Hillary Clinton’s nightmare neoliberalism and American exceptionalism makes the world a dangerous place

I fullly agree with Smith's diagnosis. The prescription however remains unsettled.

Face it: we are confronted with two evils. And Trump, or Cruz, or Kasich -- all hell-bent on a new Cold War and US hegemony -- represent the greater evil.

Bernie Sanders could deliver us from these evils, but let's get real -- he's a very long shot at best.

So if we are faced with Clinton vs. Trump, what to do?

My choice is a nose-plug vote for Clinton, following which the struggle begins.

First via a popular movement, in the streets if necessary. Let's not forget that public protests ended the Viet Nam War.

Second, we enlist the international "coalition of the fed-up." As few Americans realize, we are not universally admired abroad. Quite the contrary, a recent International Gallup Poll found that most of the industrialized world regards the US as the greatest threat to world peace. There are indications that, post-Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc., our erstwhile "allies" are getting restless under our "hegemony," and might soon be ready to bolt.

Witness the Minsk accords, worked out by Germany, France, Ukraine and Russia, with the US conspicuously uninvited. All seem well aware that the origin of Ukraine crisis was primarily in Washington, not Moscow.

So imagine President Hillary faced with a European consensus (sans England): "You want a cold war with Russia? If so, count us out. We're with Russia on this." Then expect some radical re-thinking.

Seventy-Five years ago, the United States (and the Soviet Union, don't forget!), rescued Europe. Perhaps the time will soon arrive for Europe to return the favor.

Putin put it well: "We want to be partners with the Americans; the Americans expect us to be their vassals." The Russians, a proud and determined people, will not accept this.

Has Hillary Clinton every heard of "Stalingrad"?


Dr. Ernest Partridge is a consultant, writer and lecturer in the field of Environmental Ethics and Public Policy. He has taught Philosophy at the University of California, and in Utah, Colorado and Wisconsin. He publishes the website, "The Online Gadfly" (www.igc.org/gadfly) and co-edits the progressive website, "The Crisis Papers" (www.crisispapers.org).  Dr. Partridge can be contacted at: gadfly@igc.org .