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An Important Message to the Reader.

This author is faced with conflicting objectives. On the one hand, I wish to offer these ideas and these arguments, without delay, to all those who might find them helpful in the ongoing endeavor to promote and restore Progressivism as the prevailing political ideology of the United States. On the other hand, I believe that I am entitled to the compensation for this project that would result from the publication and sale of a completed book.

So this is my solution: I will present at this website, a deliberately incomplete work.  No doubt, if a publisher assigns an experienced and capable editor to work with me, many alterations and improvements will result.  These will not be included in this online version.  I hope and expect that there will be sufficient material online to encourage the reader to purchase the book when completed. 

Accordingly, please feel free to download, print and distribute parts of this work. But with these conditions: Include the author, title, and the source with URL ("The Online Gadfly": www.igc.org/gadfly/progressive/^toc.htm ). Identify the source as "a book in progress." Include the copyright notice and the notation "with permission of the author." Finally, please notify me of your decision to use the material at gadfly@igc.org.

Do not, under any circumstances, download, print out and circulate the entire book.

As always, your comments and suggestions will be welcome.

Ernest Partridge

Dr. Ernest Partridge is a consultant, writer and lecturer in the field of Environmental Ethics and Public Policy. He has taught Philosophy at the University of California, and in Utah, Colorado and Wisconsin. He publishes the website, "The Online Gadfly" (www.igc.org/gadfly) and co-edits the progressive website, "The Crisis Papers" (www.crisispapers.org).  Dr. Partridge can be contacted at: gadfly@igc.org .